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Amie Burns Walker is a Neurodivergent working class theatre director specialising in Immersive and Community theatre. Amie trained at Queen Margarets, graduating in 2009.

Her performance background led her on to becoming one of the creators of the UK’s longest running immersive theatre show ‘The Great Gatsby’.


Amie has now been part of Immersive Gatsby's creative team for the past 7 years, directing the West End Transfer, Korean Production and writing for the New York production opening 2023

Amie  previously directed Secret Cinema’s ‘Dr Strangelove’ 


Amie is co-creative director of 'All Points North' alongside Rachael Halliwell. Together they are unapologetically taking up space, empowering female creatives and creating extraordinary immersive community plays.

Community projects include 'Our Gate' , '122 Love stories' and 'The Wedding - 2023' for Harrogate theatre and 'Two Pairs of Eyes' for Inroads Productions. Her work is often site specific and in non traditional theatre spaces, creating unique worlds for the audiences to become part of.


Amie is a regular visiting director at Leeds Conservatoire and ICT Brighton with a keen interest in developing tomorrow's artists, creating a respectful rehearsal room that nurtures talent and facilitates creative, compassionate and resilient actors.


Amie prioritises work that champions marginalised voices and welcomes audiences and participants that wouldn't ordinarily participate or engage in 'theatre'.


Recently collaborated with John Godber on 'Men Of the World' that she directed at Harrogate Rep for Phil and Ben productions.

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