Hamlet Project / Israel


In collaboration with the ATC we have completed the research and develop stage of an immersive adaptation of Hamlet using artists from Israel and Britain that fuses theatre, dance, music and  installation art. Director Keziah Serreau and the lead artist, Amie Burns Walker presented the work to an invited audience at Richmix.
Hamlet is about grief. Each character grieves for the loss of someone that has suffered a violent death. Polonius is stabbed, The King is poisoned and Ophelia drowns. This is a theme much closer to home for Israeli and Palestinians as it is a reality for many people and we want to bring the significance of this to a British Audience.
The research period of 21 days in Israel consisted of workshops with artists working with ATC. The Artists want to present a new perspective to a universal story that would be very interesting to share with a British audience.


Slide Show

Photo Credits SDNA and Yonathan Harrison

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Richmix Presentation London

We presented our work to an Invited audience thanks to the kind support of Richmix.


Below are a series of videos  created by SDNA during the research and development time.


The first is designed to give the audience a feeling of the environment we were creating the work in.

Nick Day © 

The second video focuses on the process. We discovered through development of the text that it was more important to create a reaction to Hamlet, abandoning the archaic language which became a barrier to create a much more visual approach and something rooted in the actors own stories and realities. We found that substituting the script of Hamlet for the myth of Hamlet the responses were much stronger and it allowed us to see the text in a new light and open up many new interpretations of the play and potential for a production.

In this video we posed the question 'What souvenir would you recommend to bring back from Israel?' and these were the responses........

We filmed around the city, concentrating on capturing an essence of the environment in order to transport a feeling of the place back to the UK. The artists were very excited to film in location in Acco,  as there is no Immersive theatre yet in Israel we discovered that audiences and performers were excited by site responsive work and also by diversifying the space one of the actors mentioned to us that although he had lived here for years he had never seen Acco in this way before. 

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